Project WiFi 2020

WiFi Aid for the Filipino Youth

Given today's situation, many students are struggling to continue studying online but do not have the means to do so. Through Project WiFi, we aim to solve connectivity problems these students face. Our goal is to help and sponsor WiFi pockets for those in need,  across all levels of education in the country.

This initiative is brought about by the shift of classes to online learning in the effort to continue the fight against CoVID-19. With your donation, you will be able to help students continue their studies by giving them free access to WiFi this coming semester. 


Our mission is to make education in this "New Normal" accessible to students who do not have the means to sustain internet costs.

We will provide Pocket WiFi to student beneficiaries and cover their internet costs for an entire semester. This is open to all students in need, across all levels of education, anywhere in the Philippines.


To improve and widen accessibility of technology for educational learning and in furtherance of improving the quality of education in the country.

The project started as a small donation effort of working law students. With the overwhelming response we received from kind hearted donors, we know that this project can help more.

There are currently 22.2 MILLION students enrolled in public and private schools for School Year 2020-2021 in the middle of a pandemic.

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While the current education system shifts to online learning, households over the country face the problem of not having internet access.


With your support, our initiative can give internet access to those in need and help us create a better tomorrow for students all over the country.

Help us reach our goal in improving the quality of education in the country